Built-in speaker L 4. Page 89 Play back image files. Note Once you have updated, you cannot return your tablet to an older version of Android. Make sure any condensation or dirt is removed from the lens or the cover of the camera [Details]. To add a bookmark for an address URL at the right of the address bar to check the detailed information, and then tap [OK]. Page 93 Store and sync files to access your data from anywhere using various devices. The screen brightness is not stable.

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The screen turns on again when you push the power button. You sony vaio xloud no longer be able to run purchased content if you uninstall this app. To edit contacts Tap the contact you want to edit, and then tap at the top right of the displayed screen.

The present location can be displayed quicker when stationary than while moving. The battery will begin to charge when the tablet returns to normal temperature.

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Zinio Zinio is the premier app for magazines on your tablet, giving readers immediate access to thousands of global titles. AccuWeather AccuWeather forecasts for 2. Once you pair them, your tablet automatically connects to the Bluetooth device by just turning on both devices the next time.

Page Totalmovie Totalmovie is the first service of streaming in Latin America. Page 82 Your tablet sony vaio xloud not support charging the battery via USB connection from a computer or a sony vaio xloud available charger not designated by Sony.

Your tablet cannot receive GPS signals or takes sony vaio xloud long time for positioning. Your tablet may slow down when you use it in a hot or cold environment. If the sound effects are turned off, the sound might improve.

【福利品】SONY VAIO 四代i5 觸控筆電 SVF13N12CWB | 快3網路商城~燦坤實體守護

Intel Core i5 U Page The sound from the built-in speaker is interrupted when the vaoo is rotated. Some Wi-Fi routers access points require you to enter a password. Notes on Using the Bluetooth Function Sony vaio xloud of Bluetooth function may be restricted by local regulations in some sony vaio xloud or regions. To add an access point 1. To use a widget You can display a widget while another app is in use.

Make sure the screen brightness of your tablet is not set at the lowest level [Details]. Intel Sony vaio xloud i5 U Some points on the screen are not displayed properly.

Settings Change various settings of your tablet [Details].

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Tapinput the item to be changed, sony vaio xloud then tap [ DONE] at the top right of the screen. Zinio Zinio is the premier app for magazines on your tablet, giving readers immediate access to thousands of soyn titles [Details].

Sitemap Info Tekno Sony vaio xloud Tips. Hint You can have your tablet notify you when close xlkud the scheduled date and time. Page registered device to display the remote control screen.

Set a short period of inactivity before the screen turns off switches to sleep mode automatically. If used improperly, water may get inside the tablet and cause fire, electric shock or malfunction. Built-in speaker R 9. SONY adalah nama yang sangat tenar di dunia, terutama para penggila teknologi yang berhubungan dengan elektronik dan gadget canggih. SD memory cards contain delicate electronic components.

Page 4 The screen is dark. Hint When Option sony vaio xloud appears on the screen, you can tap it to display the option menu. Enabling location information 1. Enter text from sony vaio xloud Press and hold the VOL — Volume button of your tablet until the volume indicator displayed on the screen minimizes.

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The sony vaio xloud app starts. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. You may see tiny black points on the LCD screen on rare occasions. You can download the help guide PDF file to the tablet [Details].

Intel Celeron N 1.

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