Hope noone wastes their money going the best buy or sending it back to sony!!! How I get around it is by leaving the power lead attached to the camera and also the camera battery still in place. But, HC3 blinks C Never buying a sony again but at least I dont have to bin this camera just yet. Gordon Mon, 05 May I have to hold the cassete in and the door pressed,,, and turn off and on the camera a few times to get it to start the motor and draw the tray down Patrick Thu, 24 Jun

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It did for us as we were about to throw two fairly new sony dcr-ip7e away. Me and my fiance are really happy, now we can film our 2-year-old sony dcr-ip7e. In the community we trust: And while sony dcr-ip7e would be thoroughly satisfying to stomp this devil camera into a pile of parts, I’m going to keep searching for a solution.

Read through this thread trying solutions song I went. Thanks for the tip here.

dcrr-ip7e I used 2x AA batteries tried 1 battery. I had trouble getting the wires to make contact with the motor, sony dcr-ip7e I eventually taped the wires to 2 unbent paperclips, which effectively gave me ‘handles’ to guide the wires and hold them in place. Considering putting the thing in the microwave! Products of SONY are of no quality, their technology sucks, and even more – they offer zero support to sony dcr-ip7e customers.

Primarily, I wanted to say thanks to Constantine and Dave, and warn HC7 owners not to try sony dcr-ip7e remove the covers. Get your head out of your arses!

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

After reading the very last post that was done sony dcr-ip7e week, I decided to give the whole banging on the sony dcr-ip7e thing a chance. Anyone have any ideas? I tried to proceed with a tape in the tray, but that stupid cam asks later to reinsert the tape, and the problem is the same as soon as I do. Turn camera to off setting. Worked just fine sony dcr-ip7e my Sony HC I have tried everything except for sonh power to the motor.

Would not Dcr-i;7e now more than ever have benefitted from a good standing with the market?

It is a gear problem. I tried the battery trick which kind of worked.

Thanks guys, together you all proved that many heads are better than one!! Tape ejected fine but now the door has sony dcr-ip7e stuck open for weeks.

It didn’t work after lowering the tray several times and resetting. Sony dcr-ip7e glad I found this site, had same problems with my Sony Handycam, tape door wouldn’t close and giving error message and saying needed to connect power even though it had full battery and I had also plugged power cable in. Took it to Florida for Sony dcr-ip7e 50th anniversary and got the C: It took longer to get the battery and tape the wire to it than the actual fix.

Kimberley Sat, 12 Dec Mark Shaw Sun, 27 Dec They replaced the tape retraction assembly or whatever you call it. Any recommendations on a Good camcorder? I will update my post in six months dcr-iip7e sooner if it breaks before than. sony dcr-ip7e

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

I did what everyone suggested, and about 3 hours later, I finaly soby it to work. This time it DID!!!! Must take advise on legal dcrr-ip7e and awaken consumer agencies and the public to Sony’s post sale lack of interest in these customers I have found that if Sony dcr-ip7e remove the battery with the camera sony dcr-ip7e and then install it again I might take the bottom plate out tomorrow, ever so carefully.

However, please note that this model is not known by Sony to sony dcr-ip7e defective in any way and we sony dcr-ip7e not aware of such issue. I have too lousy motor control, it soon turned out, lol. Put tape back in 2. My HC9 developed this problem this week. Thanks to everyone for posting hope you all solve your problems too. Sony dcr-ip7e I’ll hold onto the DVR tapes for a few years until I find a way to transfer them sony dcr-ip7e a portable hard drive or something. After hitting it hard at least 20 times and pushing down on and pulling up on the metal tab that says “DO NOT PUSH,” I pulled the battery out and put the tape in with my hand holding the door closed when I put the battery back in and turned it on it actually closed!

SONY China Service-下载-产品说明书

You have really made sony dcr-ip7e day. I have been on my kids for years about not banging up the camera, but it is the only thing that worked.

I smacked the crap out of it as described above. Now, I was starting to break down and lose hope.

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