Do you know if the printer will stop printing, or just continue to display the warning? I see lots f talk about “waste toner” that needs to be removed or it will jam the gears. To alter the value of an item, first press button 3 to select the digit to be altered. When a new toner cartridge is fitted into C series printers, the printer detects the toner is new by a temporary slackness in the drive mechanism when the toner stirrer first engages I’ve never been able to work out exactly how. The last thing I did was to reset all the consumables back to “0” with Kereru’s instructions. I have used my colored drums for over 16, pages so far and they are still going strong. It will save you lots of that green stuff called money.

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I have pulled out the drum and oki c5500n cartridge and reinserted both of them. Yes, this worked on oki c5500n Okidata C I have noticed previously that this ‘hard reset’ will erase the network settings. I am so glad this thread was still posted. There was c5500b grams of toner left. I own an okidata c and I have been having problems with toner residue on the back side of my pages. After much internet research I found oki c5500n part number for the fuse used on the drums.

The “Dot Count” shows how much of each toner colour has been used oki c5500n the life of that toner. This is a super easy task and can be done in 10 min with simple oki c5500n. Another way of getting more life is to remove the toner and give it some taps on the side.

Now I have a C as well and its flying through toner but the above iki sequences do not work with it.

oki c5500n Probably all produced at the same place. It explains all with great pictures and goes into much more detail than the Uninet instructions for changing the drum in the toner cartridge. I have refilled and just could not understand why oki c5500n was happening.

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Our company marks for recycling all substantial parts within our products, packaging, and oki c5500n. The black and cyan are getting the most dirt because they face down.

It was easy and quick and worked prefectly. I’m working on that.

I just can’t get it,what is the purpose of “toner sensor disable”? Then one by one I reinstalled the drums and cartridges in the Cn Oki c5500n laser printer. We partner with solid waste companies oki c5500n are committed to developing markets for recycled materials. Tried this on my printer and it worked great.

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This thin rod has to be put back in place in the center of a small white gear in the end piece that I pryed off. Oku dos not work on a C! My C has a purple front oki c5500n like yours. In the oki c5500n toner compartment there’s oki c5500n auger screw that I guess moves the toner along to fill up that compartment. The printer’s great but the cost of toner is eating me alive.

So I have that if anyone needs 5c500n.

An “ID” unit is an oki c5500n drum. If so, where can you get the chips for the C? Oki c5500n sometimes gets on the lenses. If you’re standing in front of the printer, the positions should be black closest to you, yellow next, magenta after that, then cyan farthest away from you. If so, are you removing the waste toner in the toner cartridge before refilling?


Any help would be great. Had some similar problems with oki c5500n back print being light and a light streak down the center of the page. The second method I read about was oki c5500n cut or melt a hole in the back of the cartridge, shake out the waste toner, then cover up the hole with duct tape. I trie to reset my C

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