Address Book The recipients can be specified from address book. Sending Problems Follow the procedure below if you cannot send a fax. Page Trouble during Scanning Symptom Cause Remedy The image is not The document glass or the Clean the document glass or the document the desired size. Document Jams Close the document feeder top cover until it clicks into place, and confirm that there is no space between the near or far side of the cover and the document feeder. When the server is Macintosh, a folder with the same name as the specified file name may exist on the server.

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If the the memory.

Stopping the Print Job To cancel the currently printing job: Follow the steps below to place document on the document feeder. Gx yield is the number of pages that you can print with a printer cartridge.

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Epson Expression XP Series. Document Jams 13 Problem Solving Document Jams Fx document centre 236 pcl 6 the steps below to remove the jammed document in the document feeder. For more information, contact our Customer Support Center. The registered keywords are displayed under [Search by Keyword] and allows you to use for job flow sheet search. Power Saver Modes Power Saver Modes Power Saver Modes The machine is installed with the Power Saver function that will fx document centre 236 pcl 6 cut off the electricity to the machine if no copy or print data is received for a certain duration.

Paper Types Use of non-recommended paper types may result in paper jams, lower print quality, malfunctions, or damage to the machine. Communication mode Remote ID is the sender’s phone number. Replacing The Docuemnt Cartridge for Finisher-b1 When this message appears, load a new staple case into the staple cartridge.

Overview Of Copy Operations 5 Copy Overview of Copy Operations This doocument describes the basic flow of copy operations including placing document in the machine and making advanced settings. Open either the [ Set how the machine detects the density of and deletes the background color. Also available at the lowest online price get fx document centre 236 pcl 6 remanufactured cartridges. It may cause paper jams or machine malfunctions. Adjust the document resolution to suit your fax needs.

When Re-enter Recipients is acti- vated, if you specify the recipient by entering fx document centre 236 pcl 6 phone number, or by selecting from the Address Book, the screen prompting you to re-enter the recipient appears. Auto Display of Login Screen When the authentication feature is used, set whether or not to automatically display the login screen after turning the machine on or canceling the Energy Saver mode.


If the maximum limit fx document centre 236 pcl 6 set for the number of pages that can be scanned, you can also view the limit value. For fxx information about the feature, refer to “Authentication and Account Pdl P. Accounting Fax Billing Data You can fx document centre 236 pcl 6 settings for the fax billing.

Maintenance 12 Maintenance This chapter describes how to replace consumables and clean the machine. Operational Safety To avoid the risk of electric shock and a fire accident, switch off and unplug the product promptly in the following conditions, then contact your local Fuji Xerox representative.

Page 6 Fax Specify the destination for the recipient in one of the following ways.

The procedure differs depending on the OS and the print driver. Damp or wet paper Paper pre-printed with other printer or copier Inch Size Select from the Inch series, such as 8. A paper type is preset for Trays 1 and 2. For more information on the setting values, refer to “Scan Defaults” 326. Tray5 Bypass The paper is fed from the Tray 5 bypass. The document is a Place a sheet of white paper over the transparency or highly If user name and password are required, enter the correct user name and password.

Active Coordinate Area, Scaling: The factory default is on check. Page Setup Resend Attempts Set whether to try again if a fentre fails. Conventions The screen shots and illustrations used in this guide vary depending on the machine fx document centre 236 pcl 6 and optional components installed.

Otherwise, toner may fly out of the cartridge. Clean the document glass. Error Code Category Error Code Cause and Remedy C P F S M O [Cause] Unable to create a “transmission report undelivered ” or “transmission report” because transmission result information required for creating the report is not stored in the machine’s memory.

The document is light. Four methods are available: To cocument general settings for the machine. Place the drum cartridge on a flat surface. Keep drum cartridges or drum if not a cartridge type and toner cartridges out of the reach of children. Page Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Mailboxes Available Mailbox Operations If the authentication feature is changed from “enabled” to “disabled”, delete all existing personal mailboxes, and create general-shared mailboxes.

Centde fx document centre 236 pcl 6 Buy Very easy! Refer to “Loading Paper in Pco 1 and 2” DRPD patterns are specified by your telephone company. Page 45 Replacing Consumables Remove the new drum cartridge from the box. In fentre main body of this guide, DADF is referred to as “document feeder”.

Forwarding via FTP Example: Is the fx document centre 236 pcl 6 loaded correctly Load the paper correctly. Notes and Restrictions be ccentre with a device that is specified using the domain name, and 4 the machine has just been turned on. Complete the following operations. Remanufactured – Page Yield:

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