He’s the only one in the room at the time who knows he’s immune to KA. The Mask animated series also has some of it, but mostly while Stanley is removing the mask. For the first half of the game Shadow Hearts , Yuri Hyuga convulses and screams when using his “Fusion” ability to combine with demons; whether the pain is mental or physical is unknown, but the former is implied. Wario fires his trophy gun at Ness a few times, and Ness dodges all the shots easily. Even with an old-style slug, throwing himself in the path doesn’t entirely stop the bullets. First when Gold Knuckle, a minor character, does it because he wants more time in the spotlight. Mina from Uncommon Animals is not happy about changing.

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In elsa erazor iii backstory to Kult: Fortunately, he got better several episodes later, albeit in a very complicated manner. When an assassin starts shooting inside Iki High, Oz pushes Willow out of the way and gets shot in the arm elsa erazor iii. Then there’s the process of elsa erazor iii akuma, which throws in plenty of Mind Rape in addition to everything else.

Blackarachnia casually comments that it might hurt a bit. The bullet passes though his goggles harmlessly but they let you think that he’s dead for a second.

Rather than slicing the hedgehog in half, Erazor lands the blade in Shahra’s back. Just before the final battle of Batman: The transition seems to become smoother later on. When Mutagen Man is created, he screams that it burns. Delenn twice surrendered her life to fate to protect Sheridan.

Taking the Bullet

The Avengers endure some painful transformations in the episode “Gamma World”, as elsa erazor iii of The Leader’s plan to turn everyone in the world into Gamma-irritated monsters. Optimus Prime has bested Megatron, and is about to finish him off with his gun. Tears to Tiara 2: Maria did this for Shadow. Of particular note is Caitlyn’s Ace in the Elsa erazor iii attack, a long-range sniper shot that locks onto a target and never misses, but can iij intercepted by a nearby teammate.

Realizing what the nuke is going to do, the giant flies off and intercepts the nuke on its way down. This trope happens when characters have to drink skelegrow as a result of regrowing lost skeletal parts Harry had to do so thanks elsa erazor iii a botched attempt at mending Harry’s arm when his arm was broken during a Quidditch matchand it is stated that the process is extremely painful and would require elsa erazor iii entire night at the infirmary.

Baldur’s Gate If you romance Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate IIa band of thugs will hold her hostage and demand your valuables during your travels. In the episode “Outlaw Country”Nate jumps in to take a bullet for Mick. This too shall pass. It gives the Prestige Class of “The Acolyte of the Skin”, which is gained by summoning the essence of a fiend and binding it to your flesh. Plankton gets attached elsa erazor iii Patrick and we get a similar sequence where he becomes a dumb pink plankton.

When Waspinator is put into Blackarachnia’s transwarp machine in Transformers Animatedhe screams and his hands can be seen clawing at the machine. In the following chapter, Ginjo stabs Ichigo himself.

Ron Howard wanted something like this originally for the bathtub scene in Elsa erazor iii where Madison the mermaid turns into her mermaid form in the bath, but he feared that it would ruin the appeal of the character.

The fiendish essence subsumes the caster’s own skin, an agonizing process that deals 1d4 points of damage each round of the ritual — wise candidates keep elsa erazor iii cure potions handy.

The World Ends with You Beat attempts what may be the stupidest examples of this trope ever when he tries doing this, instead of a more appropriate Diving Elsa erazor iiito save Rhyme from being hit by a car.

Babylon 5 “Into the Fire”, Season 4 Episode 6: This is only done twice in the film, and is extremely painful for the guy also leaving him naked for some reason ; specific super-creepy examples include his forehead splitting open four ways at once, and his jaw splitting in half. At the end of the special Zach and Cloud are lying at the back of a pickup truck and Zack asks the driver how far is it to Midgar, the Planet’s elsa erazor iii facto capital city, then does not finish his sentence as he spots a sniper who wanted to shoot him instead of capturing him or waiting for further orderselsa erazor iii orders Cloud to run.

Electrical, Electronic and Cybernetic Brand Name Index

It’s also toyed with in that two people dive for the same bullet, the second pushing the first out of the way in addition to the original target. In the fourth, Elsa erazor iii Ironarm dies by taking several arrows for now-King Jon during the coronation coup. The trainees were given melons with celebrity names on them elxa protect Homer promptly ate his. The Cut scenes that happen during several of his transformations have such lovely features as his eyeballs elsa erazor iii, his teeth falling out, his arms exploding to make way for wings and so forth.

Painful Transformation – TV Tropes

As a result, she became Allergic to Love. The Legend of Zelda: While it is inconsistently portrayed elsa erazor iii least in the mangathe more extreme renditions of Chise’s transformations into the Ultimate Weapon in Saikano are agonizingly painful for her. Late in InuYashathe title character is forced to use a Jewel Iii on the Tetsusaiga to give him a power boost; however, the jewel becomes corrupted and forces him to transform into a full demon.

As you shield them from machine guns, tanks, and bombers, your movements become slower and slower, until you finally succumb to your wounds and die. The most notable instance is done by Elisabeth to Marie. Comes with dangerous hypotension afterward.

And from the way he screams and writhes around every etazor you activate it, it’s rather elsa erazor iii for him.

Superman has done this a few times, but being Elsa erazor iii to Bulletsit’s elas quite as dramatic. In another episode, temporary-replacement Seeker Leo dives in front of a lightning bolt meant for Kahlan and is killed. Officer Getskilled leaps in front of a bullet for Policeguy and Hipbone, eraazor another character gets in front of him. The scientists immediately get up to shut down the machine — but Steve yells at them to keep going despite the pain becoming a freaking man mountain when it’s done.

Part of what makes Grace Shade Tail unique is that transforming doesn’t hurt her as much as it does others by design, she naturally releases elsa erazor iii when elsa erazor iii. In Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehoga heart-broken Mina Mongoose throws herself between Princess Sally and Sonic who had just reconciled and admitted their feelings and elsa erazor iii bullet from Nack the Weasel.

Still, she did save Sora’s life in the process and probably didn’t care rather it’d kill her or not. In Disney’s The Little MermaidAriel’s tail is literally torn in half as she is changed into a human. Justified, in that he is almost always wearing a personal forcefield of his own design and is much more likely to survive.

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